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The creation story gives us a powerful revelation of the modus operandi of man. Man was created on the last day of creation and the first day he witnessed the  ‘Sabbath day or the day of rest’. Man was just to *enjoy creation and take care of it, not to partake in creation*. However, due to the disobedience of Man, he now had to toil, suffer and sweat for what to eat or enjoy which was never so in the beginning.

But thanks be to God who gave us His only begotten son who came not only to restore what man lost, but to give us more than we lost. Therefore all that man has to do is to _labour to enter into the rest of God_ (Hebrew 4:11) which is in  Christ Jesus. Where in Christ, we do not labour or toil but enjoy the victory won of us.

Man’s modus operandi is just to enjoy and stand fast in the victory won for us.
Please understand this, God isn’t now coming to solve your family problems, or the financial constrains tearing down your family or your relationship issues or your health issues. He has already done it in Christ.

Howbeit, most believers are really not enjoying this but God’s Word gives us the spiritual diagnosis to this;

*Certainly, we have heard the good news, just like the people with Moses heard it. But they failed to believe what they heard. So the message did not help them*
(Heb 4:2 Easy English)

We simply, *do not believe !*. Is as simple as that. Although we are located in the place called CHRIST, we still fail to remain, enjoy and as well keep this rest position due to *UNBELIEF*.  We struggle to remain in this rest because we sometimes forget that *God can and should be taken at His word*.

God doesn’t want you to ‘partake or help’ in him solving your problems, the only thing He needs from you is  *be still and know that He is God* in other words take God at His Word!

*Jesus said to him, “if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Mark 9:23*.

Dare to believe God!! Tetelestai!!!
Owe you love

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