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🔥The Finished Works 2 🔥

Yesterday, we learnt from our introduction that man was created to enjoy creation and take care of it. However, even after the fall of man through disobedience, the giving of Christ as a gift was not only to restore unto us that which we lost but also to enjoy the victory won for us.

We continue by looking at some of these finished works.

*He himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses. Matt 8:17*

Walking in divine healing and enjoying victory over sickness and infirmities is one of the finished works of Christ for us as believers. Although this reality is popularly known among saints, just a few happen to enjoy this victory over sicknesses and infirmities.

We have to fully believe that it is wrong for a believer to bear his sickness when Jesus already bore it, as it is for him to bear his sins when Christ bore them.
We are assured of our healing because God Himself declared it and He’s a part of His word.

You might have known this truth for a very long time but it still seems not to be working for you.

The reality of the matter is that this promise is of no value until you act upon it.
Believing is acting upon the word. God still wants you to look to His word for your healing.

Dare to believe God!!!

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