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🔥Our Inheritance in Christ… Finale 🔥

And the younger of them said to his father, Father give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living (Luke 15:12.)

Throughout the week, we have been looking at the fact that there’s an Inheritance available for us as a result of our union with Christ as Joint-Heirs and also Heirs of God. We want to conclude by considering the prodigal son.

The scripture above is a popular parable of a son demanding for his share of His father’s Inheritance.You realize from the passage that it was actually the younger son who made the demand and after being given, wasted it due to immaturity and the ability to be a good steward of the property.

Just as we have the legal right to possess all these Inheritances in Christ, there are certain aspects of these “properties” that we’ll only be given the mandate to handle and fully enjoy after we’ve matured to where the Father knows we can take very good care of it.(Gal 4:1-2).

Anything that God gives you that you can’t give back to him is an idol in your life. Selah
This explains why God is “afraid” of given us certain things.

Never be satisfied with your present spiritual state or condition. Get rooted, built up and established in Christ.

Give God your best. Owe you love

💒 This Sunday’s service is an SCC service. It comes off at the parade grounds, 6:30am 💒

💰 We encouraged to start making payment of 10 cedis towards our harvest project to our cell leaders 💰


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