The New Wine (John 2:1-10)…1🔥

Pro 3:5-6 is one of the popularly known Bible quotes most believers use when it comes to our total dependency on the Lord in our daily walk.

However, if its something we truly understand and consciously heed to, then how come we oftenly find ourselves in situations where our confession of being victorious in Christ becomes questionable even by unbelievers.

The circumstances we sometimes face tend to ride on us because we’ve neglected this simple principle of seeking only the face of the Lord and seeking Him first.
We take daily counsels and make plans on how to run our lives ourselves and then finally present them to God for Him to make endorsement. Mercy!

A story is told of a woman who met a couple who had faced a problem with their car tyre while travelling on road. Fortunately for them , they had a spare inside the car booth but after trying to fix it several times, they failed.
Upon the woman’s arrival at the scene, she took the car tyre, prayed over it before helping them fix it. The couple were just amazed at the outcome and the simple prayer approach the woman used.

Just meditate on this and evaluate yourself if you would have done the same thing in case you were in such a situation.

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