💕Many waters cannot quench your love…3💕

Before we look at our next characteristic of love, want to clarify something. In as much as walking in the God kind of Love will make you look “foolish” remember that Wisdom is very key here. That is to say, for example if your boyfriend physically abuses you and later “raps” you and instead of breaking up, you tell yourself that love suffers long so you staying, I doubt that’s wise. Would advice you quickly back out and be praying for him for God’s help.

Nonetheless, you must understand that everyone is “work in progress” especially yourself, thus, you don’t just throw in the towel on your beloved because of some character flaws.
Wisdom is the Principal thing!

Our next Characteristic is;

Love is Kind
The Greek word rendered “kind” in this verse literally means to “show oneself useful” in the sense of manners or morals. Kindness is not merely an attitude or state of being. It is also a deed. The biblical connotation is that kindness is to be obliging and accommodating. It desires to promote happiness by extending good to others. Kindness is benevolence in action.

It also deals with being courteous, polite, compassionate, and affectionate. It is characterized by benevolence and tenderness.

Love is to be mild especially under provocation!

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