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Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth

Love is not happy about bad things, but instead, is about things that are right and true. In other words, Love loves the truth and hates evil.

Believers in the Corinth Church were compromising with a lot of sins; one man involved in egregious immorality had been tolerated in the church (1st Corinthians chapter 5), the Lord’s Supper had been dishonored to the point of including gluttony and others became drunk with the wine (1st Corinthians chapter 11) and many others. It resulted in new believers having a hard time shaking the old bad habits. Paul in dealing with this taught them that love does not enjoy such actions; rather, love finds joy in truth and righteousness.

Also, to “not delight in evil” connotes the idea of not gloating over someone else’s guilt. It is common for even believers to rejoice when an “enemy” is caught in a sin, most of us go like “sɛ me kaayɛ” This is never love. Love rejoices in the virtue of others, not in their vices.

God does not ignore our sin just because He loves us. For a matter of truth, it is because of His great love that He provided the means of cleansing our sin in Christ (1 John 4:10). Anything that covers up sin or seeks to justify wrong doing is the polar opposite of love. Love does not sweep sin under the rug. Love does not try to find ways to get away with bad behavior, and it does not put up with wrong instead. It treasures truth, celebrates good behavior, and promotes virtue.

Love has nothing to hide.

LOV QUOTE Be strong💪🏼 enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve


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