Preaching band

Preaching Band

The Preaching Band, the evangelism wing of GHAMSU embarks on evangelism on KNUST campus and off- campus, Appiadu, Kokoben, Emena, Ayigya Zongo and its environs.

Dawn Broadcasts

The band embarked on a broadcast of the Word of God almost every Saturday morning both on and off- campus between the hours of 5– 6 am. Average attendance to dawn broadcasting was fourteen at both venues. Other wings were paired with the band every Saturday for dawnbroadcast as a way of bringing evangelism down to the whole church.


Local Towns Outreach: Outreaches were embarked on certain Sundays. Band members ministered to the Sunday schools of the various Methodist churches in Appiadu, Emena, Kokoben and Ayigya Zongo. Band members went to the neighboring homes to evangelize and finally joined the service at the latter part. Through this souls were won and added to the numbers of the mother churches.Twenty souls were won, with a total of six joining the various societies.  Shepherding teams were formed in the various societies to follow up on converts.

Campus Evangelism: This was organized on days that the Band joined the Local for service between the hours of 7.00am and 8am before going for service on campus. Halls visited were Queens, Independence, Unity and Republic Halls.

Local Preachers’ Examination:Local preachers’ examinations were written earlier this semester with about sixty six people forty three of which wrote part one and twenty three, part two.

Children’s Ministry:The band helped in the training and teaching of the Sunday school children in the various stations. As part of our contribution to the training and nurturing of the children, the annual children’s ministry quiz was held on 7th November, 2015 at Kokoben which saw the participation of Kokoben, Appiadu, Emena, Ayigya Zongo, Boadi and Deduako societies. A trophy was given to the winning society,Kokoben and certificates and other prizes were given to each participant.

Meeting Time:
Wednesday, 6:00pm at Unity Hall Chapel for a band meeting
Saturdays, 5:00am for its dawn broadcastings
Sundays, 7:00am for its evangelism outreaches.